Learn the true story of Lady Tagliatelle and “visit” the Luciana Mosconi Pasta Factory, which is a must for anyone who wants to know everything about the inimitable Luciana Mosconi method. In the video, CEO Marcello Pennazzi tells us about the establishment and values of his company.


The excellence of our egg pasta begins with the high quality of the raw materials we use: only great semolina and grade A fresh eggs.

The kneading phase is carried out thanks to simple technology, similar to that used at home, but only at a slightly larger scale. Unfortunately, here you cannot perceive the typical aroma of the semolina and egg mixture, which takes you back in time.

In egg pasta, the dough is paramount: ours is rough and tenacious. Moreover, it is obtained by means of an exclusive patented process, which does not include any mechanical pressing so as to eliminate thermal stress and preserve its taste and fragrance. It is already very good as it is, and it is always ready to embrace and exalt any type of sauce.

Taste takes shape: in the photo, you can see the birth of tagliatelle. Of course, this is just one of our many products. Most likely, Luciana Mosconi produces the widest range of products on the market, especially when it comes to long egg pasta.

Here are the “nests”. Every phase, here at Luciana Mosconi, is carefully supervised and overseen by experienced pasta makers and carried out in perfect hygienic conditions, well beyond the strict standards required by law.

The rolled dough is arranged in an orderly fashion on the typical wooden frames. From here, it will proceed to the delicate drying phase.

While it is true that our pasta’s popularity is due to the high quality of the raw materials, it is through drying that the “superior” taste of the product is achieved. Indeed, the drying process, which lasts for more than a day at low temperatures, enhances the high quality of the ingredients. As a result, Luciana Mosconi offers the unique flavour of homemade pasta to all its customers”.

Here is a tribute to our women: it is they, Luciana Mosconi in particular, who make the preservation and “handing down” of Italian products of ancient artisan origin possible in this technological and globalised century. In the photo, you can see the final inspection and packaging stages entrusted to the expert hands of our collaborators.

The conveyor belt takes the product to the final packaging. At Luciana Mosconi, we have chosen to use transparent packaging in order to showcase the product’s artisanal features.

Our brand is our distinguishing mark within the market. It helps the consumer choose unequalled quality and taste. We are proud of our brand, because it fully represents all of our values.

The company’s large warehouse houses large boxes ready for shipment. Inside, an extraordinary variety of formats created to respond to the multiple needs of consumers.

The step from production to distribution is very short indeed. Every day, our vehicles reach the store or supermarket closest to your home to offer you the best of our production. We take pride in being the national leader in the premium egg pasta market and the 2nd brand in the overall Italian market. Thank you very much, we owe our success to you.