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“E sei nelle marche”


A wonderful journey through the culinary, artistic and landscape wonders of the region that gave birth to Luciana Mosconi: Le Marche.

15 brand ambassadors from Le Marche tell the story of the indissoluble bond between Luciana Mosconi pasta and the iconic places of our region, with an international touch provided by a famous Thai mother and foodie who lives in Italy, all engaged in an exciting storytelling effort enriched by 7 videos in 7 magical locations. The only aim is to spread knowledge not only of the taste but also of the quality and values of the various specialities of the Pasta Factory. First and foremost, the new line of dry egg pasta Filiera 100% Marchigiana.

The teaser gives a small taste of the videos made for the new communication campaign “E sei nelle Marche”. Stay tuned!

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Ilaria Barbotti needs no introduction. She is a dynamic, competent woman from Le Marche, the historic creator of the Igersitalia network and the author of the “Instagram Marketing ” Hoepli bestseller. In 2013, she founded ILARIA BARBOTTI PR ATELIER, an agency, a “place” where to design, create and study strategies and new ways of presenting products, events, brands and destinations in a tailor-made way.

Ilaria’s leadership, which is always exercised in a respectful and ethical way, is recognised by a qualified network of influencers and digital content creators, videomakers and Italian and European bloggers in the travel, food, fashion and automotive sectors.

She is responsible for the strategic signing and coordination of the “E SEI NELLE MARCHE” social campaign.